Men’s take on Nail Art: Aesthetic or Pathetic?

Be it runways of designers like Rachel Antonoff and Nicole Miller or the finger tips of celebrities like Katy Perry and Rihanna, nail art has been spotted every where this season. From bold, elegant lines to exotic bejeweled art to 3D drawing, the variety seems to be never ending. Initially started on a small scale, this trend has been soaring high recently. Today, we have nail art studios and as surprising as it may sound but it is being recognised as a form of art.

Myleene Klass in London

Myleene Klass at a nail art studio launch; Photo Credit: PR Photos

Clearly, nail artists are in good business because women are apparently loving it. But did you ever wonder what men think of the same?

We did. On being asked if nail art seemed attractive to Sandesh Jayakar, a well known Indian fashion photographer, he said he doesn’t like it and definitely does not find it alluring. Yash Wadhwani, a teenager from Dubai had interesting insights, he opinionated,”I am more of a clear kind of a guy. Nail art can be attractive but only if the right colour combination is used. I find long nails pretty sexy and I prefer those to be painted elegantly. Nail art can risk that”.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj’s nail art; Photo Credit: PR Photos

For some reason, many men don’t seem to find nail art attractive. A few described it as “too attention seeking”. A few weren’t too judgemental and actually prefered a few elegantly done nail art exceptions.

So, is nail art a trend that will be appreciated only by your girlfriends? Will your guy rather have your nails devoid of “those things”?

We don’t beautify ourselves for men, we do it for ourselves or so we would like to believe. Mars may love it or not but it is a pretty huge trend here in Venus!

-Akanksha Narang

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