It’s cute, it’s cheesy…it’s romance!

In the mood for sweet lovin’? This February, get set for Valentine’s Day with some hot n’ sizzling tips from your fave celebs. In the time-honoured tradition of ‘Ladies first’, we start with four beautiful women.

By Manisha Dhingra & Sunayna Navani

Mahek Chahal
Of Nayee Padosan, Wanted, Main Aur Mrs. Khanna and Bigg Boss Season 5 fame

-    What makes a man sexy?
MC: The respect he gives women! Also, he needs to have a good sense of humour and, of course, there is nothing sexier than a man who wants to commit.

-    How can you tell a guy is really into you?
MC: He will do special things for you – like messaging you every day, keeping you informed about his day, wanting to meet you or at least speak to you every day.

-    What puts you off when you are out with a guy?
MC: The way he treats someone below him in stature, like if we are out for a meal and the guy speaks rudely to a waiter, then that is it for me. I will be instantly put off. This person in general won’t have respect for many other things in life.

-    Have you had bad break-ups? How do you deal?
MC: Everyone in this day and age has gone through a break-up. The best way to deal with it is to be around friends who won’t remind you of your ex and will keep you distracted. Being alone will make your mind wander. Also, immersing yourself in some hobby such as dancing or learning something new makes you feel good.

-    What is the one thing you definitely look for in your date?
MC: Looks are temporary. I never make my decision based on looks. I look for the way he behaves around women, his sense of humour, and his ability to deal with responsibilities.

-    Do you kiss even when you are not really into someone?
MC: Never! Kissing involves passion and passion can come only when you are really into someone. Otherwise, he will definitely know that you are faking it and nothing is more of a deal-breaker than faking.

-    What makes you feel sexy?
MC: My eyes and smile make me feel sexy. Smiling is infectious!

Aishwarya Sakhuja
Plays main lead ‘Toasty’ in Sony TV’s Saas Bina Sasural

-    What makes a man sexy?
AS: Confidence. The way you carry yourself and what you project to the outside world is what will come back to you.

- How can you tell a guy is really into you?
AS: By the way he looks into your eyes.

- What puts you off when you are out with a guy?
AS: Arrogance and if he treats animals badly.

- Have you had bad break-ups? How do you deal?
AS: Yes, I have, but once the anger subsided, I learnt to love myself again

- Do you kiss even when you are not really into someone?
AS: Nope. Never.

- What makes you feel sexy?
AS: My height.

Tannishtha Chatterjee
Best known for her performance in the British film ‘Brick Lane’. Also seen in Shadows of Time, Road Movie and Bibar, for which she won ‘Best Actress’ at the Osian Film Festival and the BFJA Awards

-    What makes someone sexy?
TC: Sexy for me is beyond the physical. It is character, confidence, intelligence, experience and compassion. I find all that sexy in both men and women. If someone has a deep passion for something in life, I find that totally sexy.

-    How can you tell a guy likes you?
TC: I can tell from the way he looks at me.

-    What puts you off on a date?
TC: Excessive use of the mobile phone and using one-liners to impress. I like men who are at peace and sure of themselves.

-    Have you had bad break-ups?
TC: Not really. I never look at love as an infinite thing. So if I love someone, I don’t expect it to last till infinity. It is divine and beautiful as long as it lasts. If it has to end, then I like to do it with love and respect. It’s not always easy but if we stop thinking that love is a possession, then we can really love with dignity. I’ve been really lucky to have guys in my life who understand love the same way that I do.

-    What is the one thing you definitely look for in your date – other than looks, of course?
TC: A good conversation! If not a Greek God to look at, he should at least look aesthetic. Someone I can learn from as well. Guys who have something to offer in terms of my growth as an individual really turn me on.

-    Do you kiss even when you are not really into someone?
TC: I think sex and a deep connection with someone are two different things. I can kiss a guy who is really good-looking and not have anything else to do with him, and sometimes, not kiss someone for a long time who I really like to spend time with.

-    What makes you feel sexy? Which is your best feature?
TC: People say my eyes are sexy. Some say I am sexy when I sing…I really don’t know.

-    Do guys really care about your figure? Do they demand a washboard-flat stomach? What gives?
TC: I think…for both guys and girls, sexy is always about attitude and confidence. Having said that, I do have a relatively toned body. I like to exercise. It’s just healthy to do so. Totally anorexic women don’t appeal to my aesthetics so I don’t succumb to that myself. But I do like lean women myself, so I like to maintain myself in a similar fashion.

Shweta Bhardwaj
Model-turned-actress featured in Chaalis Chaurasi, Rakht, Players, Loot, Mission Istanbul, and more

-    What makes someone sexy?
His innocence as well as mischievousness. I like a combination of the two where I know he is a sincere guy but is also ready to have some fun and let his hair down if I am in the mood to party.

-    How can you tell a guy is really interested in you?
He will make it a point to give you lots of attention. His gestures will always be directed towards you, his body will always face you even if you are in a group.

-    What puts you off when you are out with a guy?
Being with a show-off. Fine, you have the car, the house and the money, but don’t show-off! Impress a girl with your charm and not the materialistic things that you have as those will come and go.

-    Have you had bad break-ups? How do you deal?
Yes, I did have a break-up some time ago. It was hard to deal with, but sometimes you just have to be strong and realize that two people can grow apart. It is better to let go of a relationship which is not working out, rather than wallow in it.

-    What is the one thing you definitely look for in your date?
His sincerity and the way he can use his charm. The way he treats me when he takes me out on a date and whether he makes it a point to do things to make me feel special.

-    Do you kiss even when you are not really into someone?
I have never done it and don’t know if I would ever do it. For me, being sincere with my feelings is most important.

-    What makes you feel sexy?
I as a whole make me feel sexy. I am a whole package and I can’t pick out just one feature that would make me feel sexy. When a person looks at you, they look at you as a whole and would not fall for you just because you have one feature which is sexy.

-    What do guys find sexy in a woman?
Confidence in yourself is the most sexy attribute that any woman can have. Being an actor and being independent, I can never be coy. I always like to walk tall and I have heard that that is what men get floored with, when it comes to me.

Watch this space for the ‘hot dudes’ version, next week!

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